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Husqvarna Viking 6440 User Manual

Husqvarna Viking 6440 / 2000 manual, scanned in and carefully optimized for readability/print. All 58 pages including front and back cover. Downloads as a PDF file (9.4MB).

Suggested price: $5.00

Please note that in other countries than the USA and the UK, the Husqvarna Viking 6000 model was sold as the 2000. This manual then applies to the 6440 and the 2000 models. This is one of the most remarkably thorough sewing machine manuals I have ever seen – even experienced sewers could learn some new tricks from it!

This download also comes with a separate, optional sales manual in PDF format (1.1MB).

Husqvarna Manual Pricing

I used to give this download away for free, but so many people were downloading it my server tried to bump me. I'm now charging to help pay hosting and discourage over-downloading. Thank you for your understanding.

Ordering with a Smartphone

If you are planning on downloading to and printing the manual from your smartphone or tablet, please be aware this can be tricky. The only time I get complaints about this file are when users are trying to manipulate it on their cell phones. Also, keep in mind it’s a large (9.4MB) file.

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