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Face Mask Pattern

Downloadable sewing pattern for a carefully fitted, comfortable, and easy-to-wear cotton face mask with good coverage and no slippage. This sewing project best for an intermediate-level sewist with access to a sewing machine, but determined beginner and needle/thread sewists will also succeed! 2 page PDF file, 128kb, prints on A4 or letter size paper.

Over ten years I sewed countless cycling caps for customers all over the world. In the past six months I’ve sewn several hundred face masks for friends and strangers all over America. Over the weeks I have worked with shaping and sizing the Olsen Mask pattern to fit and look best possible. It’s sort of like a hat, but even more precise: each tiny adjustment makes a big difference! I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback and generally these are people’s favorite masks. They stay in place and are easy to breath in. Lately with the wildfire smoke, I’ve even been wearing a mask to bed! Because of the fit and the nose bridge stay, it stays in place on my face all night. You can open your jaw wide and make funny faces and it stays in place. No falling off your nose, rarely a need to adjust it. No foggy glasses. Pretty amazing!

This pattern took many, many trial-and-error iterations. I’m now ready to share!

Once downloaded, you can follow the tutorial below to sew up a nice mask from this PDF pattern. You can get aluminum nose strips at Amazon, and many local fabric stores now carry them.

Sewing Instructions

Thank you and be well!

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