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Custom Cycling Caps

If you have followed links to get here, nice sleuthing! I have to apologize; though, because my custom works are closed as of March 31st 2013. I’m sorry. If you keep an eye out via my blog or newsletter (sign up bottom right) you can be tipped off when I’m back in front of the sewing machine, and get a cap then. I hope you do!

It may be easier or cheaper to buy a cycling cap off the shelf, but of course it’s nicer to have something unique to you, which you designed. It might also be important to you to buy handmade, local, or Made in USA. (I hope it is!) If you have an idea for a cap to match your bicycle, your kit, or your style, or if you have trouble making most cycling caps fit, I can help. I make each cap by hand, one at a time, with lots of love. I’ve been at it since 2004, and I’m very good at it. You can be sure you are going to get a beautiful, high-quality cap, and feel happy about how you got it.

Styles Offered

Four panel, three panel, and earflap cap, all semi-fitted (meaning there is elastic in the back), and very customizable with fabric and ribbon.

Little Package caps are built to last for years. All seams are professionally finished: raw edges are encased and crucial seams topstitched. Cap sweatbands are formed using 100% cotton twill tape.


When it comes to cycling caps, bills seem to be the thing most people disagree about. Let me know what kind of bill you prefer, and I can usually match it. My default bills is 5cm deep, 18cm wide, and stiffened with a flexible, shapeable, durable plastic filler. I also offer a shallower but wider (4cm deep, 21cm wide) bill. Fiber-filled soft bills are an alternative which perform much like the plastic, but which last much better through the washer & dryer and other abuse. Keep in mind soft bills are top-stitched (stitching will be visible on the top and bottom of the bill).


By default, I make caps “one-size-fits-most.” All caps have elastic cinching (in the back quarter only) for a snug but forgiving fit. If your head is particularly large or small, please take measurements so I can adjust. Measure the widest circumference of your head wrapping tape so it touches both your brow and occiput (that bony “knob” on the back of your head). Provide this measurement, or let me know your usual hat size. I make caps for babies, children, and adults – small and large!


Consider choosing from fabrics I currently have on hand, or you may supply your own fabric. Caps can be made from old clothing, pillow cases, or other swaths of woven fabric. If you’re at a fabric store and see something you like, request 1/4 yard for a four-panel cap, or 1/2 yard for a three-panel cap. Contact me to find out what I’m stocking, or to get more info about sending your own fabric.  


Get creative! Click here to see the many, many ribbon colors.


Prices start around $20 and meander up. Very reasonable for the quality and satisfaction I offer.

Custom Order Shipping

Actual shipping prices. No surprises. Local pickup is an option if you don’t mind venturing into the Hollywood District in Portland Oregon.


Contact me to have a cap made. Specify style, size, fabric, bill type, ribbon color and placement (if applies), how you would prefer to pay, and other ideas, and then we’ll hash out the rest together. Once we have agreed on the details and payment is made, I will begin sewing up your caps. Orders are shipping within two weeks of payment.

Still not sure?

Take a peek at some feedback I’ve collected, or go ahead and ask me.