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Mt Shasta

I’m hitching, listening to Judas Priest and thinking about Lemurians. (This hitch ended up changing my life for a while. Go figure.)


I shit you not, Hot Tub and I just caught a hitch with this guy out of Julian, California. He takes a sudden turn off the highway, offering to give us gold if we come home with him. Ok, why not? What’s the worst that could happen? Sure enough, he takes us home and gives… continue reading

Picked Up

Hiker trash I hauled to San Rafael. I hitch hike enough that it is important to also give rides to hitch hikers. These guys hiked a little of the Lost Coast but then decided it wasn’t for them. Johnny, You (left), Me the bulldog, and me. So cool.

Sad World

Here this morning, I tried hitching a ride from a woman stopped to make a turn. She refused to give me a ride into Bandon because, she said, “I have my kid in the car.” So you’re going to stop to tell a woman standing in the cold in the middle of nowhere, why you’re… continue reading

Little Package