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Paint Your Wagon

This guy. Hiker “Paint Your Wagon.” If you’ve been on the Pacific Crest Trail the past four years you’ve probably met him. I met him when we both worked Ziggy and the Bear’s in 2014. He’s always upbeat, a hard worker, and has a really hard time finding hiking shoes for his size 17 feet…. continue reading

Hitchhiking isn’t legal in Nevada

My commute to Oregon has gotten interesting. We’re listening to Metallica together, me and sheriff Rooney, and talking about backpacking. Check cop car off the hitching bucket list! (Don’t hitch in Nevada. It took ten seconds after I stuck out my thumb to have two cops all over my ass, lights blaring, blocking rush hour… continue reading

Zack’s Back

So it’s 2pm at Furnace Creek and ~110° and I’m standing there melting in the heat, my thumb out. I’m trying to hitchhike 100 miles to Lone Pine. It’s not looking so good. Then these fuckers pull over on bikes and offer me a ride. What? Really? I throw my backpack on the back, lean… continue reading


How am I going to get into town from the middle of nowhere? Oh I know! I’m going to meet a family of Dimond alumni from Anchorage, Alaska. I am Dimond alumni (freshman, sophomore). I was big into cross country skiing and raced state at Kincaid, as well, so these sweatshirts were just blowing my… continue reading


Whoa, just broke hitch hiking ground and got my first ride from a trucker! Never seen a tanker pull over so fast, and Armando ended up being a total doll, just concerned for my safety. Freightliner – the ULTIMATE VANLIFE


Tools of the trade (for hitch-hiking). Thank you city of Fallon for the Sharpie (no, literally, a new sharpie was given to me by the Fallon Board of Tourism). Here I come Lone Pine! Folks won’t be able to resist this sign!


Take it all the way back to Friday morning, standing on the side of the road at 7:30am in Lone Pine hoping to hitch to a remote trailhead near Bishop. Kelly picked me up and not only postponed his cookie baking lesson to bring me right to the North Lake Piute Pass trailhead, but stopped… continue reading

Billy Goat

Look who I lured into the Pine House Café and Tavern for a salad! The Billy Goat! He’s done 25,000 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail and is out for a stroll before heading to Wisconsin to walk the Ice Age Trail. I had him sign my Billy Goat trucker hat, then he let me… continue reading

Little Package