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pepperflake eating in restaurant

Pepperflake Bonanza

Just got back from a 6-day hike to see the flowers in Death Valley with this hunk. I sure do hate hiking in ugly National Parks with brilliant young hunks. My life sucks. More of my sucky life soon. ?

Pepperflake in the flowers

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Pepperflake and I left our “trusty” vans behind and walked 75 miles over the Inyo Range and through Death Valley to see the superbloom. We walked along a question mark route he only created and mapped the day before. A totally spontaneous and somewhat risky backpacking trip through usually unforgiving territory turned out to be wondrous in that old-fashioned hippie drifter kind of way. Because we were walking to see the flowers, mostly. After loitering over a few beers in Stovepipe Wells five days in to our hike, we hitch-hiked with a man celebrating his 30th birthday to Badwater to see as many flowers as we could. We slept in a golden canyon and spent the next morning desultorily hiking… continue reading


Yes! Hiker Apache gets a Pepsi at Warner Springs Community Center. Last time I saw this guy he was vegging in Belden. He sat quietly while I received a box containing shoes of the wrong size (big bummer) and some other major trail drama went down. I love this guy’s mellow, and mad style. See you at Kickoff, Apache.

Little Package