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Juki HZL F-Series Sewing Machine User Manual

This is a machine I own and use daily. I believe what the local dealer says about this machine needing several hours on it when new to “break it in,” as I had tension issues for the first week or two. Since then it’s been dreamy. I do have a problem though, and maybe someone else will chime in with a similar issue (though I’ll probably have it professionally fixed by then). When rolling along I get a loud buzzing sound issuing from the bobbin shuttle, which vibrates intensely at anything above a medium speed (when machine is set at full speed). I may have damaged the

Husqvarna Viking 6440 Sewing Machine User Manual

Download the Husqvarna Viking 6440 / 2000 manual here. You can download the Husqvarna Viking 6440 / 2000 manual here for . In November 2016 I re-scanned this manual and meticulously created a PDF version of this manual superior to anything else you will find on the internet: full-color, compressed, print-ready, and zoom-able. Also visit a great online (Yahoo!) group discussing pre-1980 Viking machines for even more information! These are great machines.

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