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Between a Rock and Woody

Cherub seeming to enjoy the BY-FAR most terrifying and dangerous part of the entire PCT: the 9 or 10 (I lost count) huge washouts between Rock and Woody Passes, miles 2647.5 to 2648.5 in the Northern Washington Cascades. The entire ridge was sopping soaked loose, muddy scree. I thought I was going to die, either falling while crawling in a washout, or having the ground washout from under me, no joke.

Suiattle Soak

My adventurous birthday “novice backcountry” hike got a little hairy when someone took a dunk in the Suiattle River. This is sopping wet Cherub after her successful log crossing of that ferocious glacial river, on the old (disused due to a bridge washout) PCT. Happy birthday to me! Long story short, we couldn’t find the log crossing when we arrived at the River. Cherub decided to give a crossing a go. I wanted to let her do her thing, but also a nagging voice in my head made me hand her a stick with a length of Dyneema cord tied to it. She took a few steps in and quickly hit hip-depth. Cherub is not very tall. At that point… continue reading


This photo cracks me up — Cherub summons the snow. “Comon, Snow!” She’s about to get her second snow, ever (she’s from South Africa). Piper Pass mile 2461 of the PCT

Little Package