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No Angel

How to have Angel’s Rest in Zion National Park all to yourself for coffee in the morning on Memorial Day weekend: 1) start hiking up at 5:30am 2) tell the 3 people you find up top that a ranger (true) is checking out their illegally (true) parked cars. 👋🏼


Two months ago I drove from Las Vegas to Moab, placing four food/water caches strategically spaced along my hiking route. That allowed me to hike continuously without going into a town for the first 19 days*. I placed one of my caches here in a wash near Hanksville UT, with a view of Mt. Ellen,… continue reading

Fumarase Deficiency

People ask me all the time, “Aren’t you afraid of X/Y/Z (animal) alone in the woods?” And I say over and over again, I’m much more scared of PEOPLE. And I thought I just left Colorado City but hiking out I realize I still have to walk through another fundamentalist neighborhood in the boonies (pictured… continue reading

Party at Pancho’s

…down the rabbit hole indeed. I did some hitch hiking on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon and next thing I knew I was camping the SUPER coveted Pancho’s Kitchen shore and partying with these cool cats. Little did I know that Wednesday was Mardi Gras and that I’d be playing such hard core drinking… continue reading


I had anxiety about the plunge pools in Saddle Canyon (within Grand Canyon National Park) because nobody gives too much detail about where they are and how to navigate them (and I won’t either – mwa ha ha). And it was thunder storming when I entered. And I was alone. It was weird, but it… continue reading

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