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That’s me! I woke up at 3:30am today and climbed 1840ft in an hour to watch the sunrise. Another absolutely terrifying experience. Ha. If you don’t know anything about Half Dome and how it is summited, I recommend researching it. Insane!

Clouds RIP

July 1, Yosemite. Despite a huge thunderstorm, Wagon Wheel and I decided to summit Cloud’s Rest. We renamed it Cloud’s Unrest or Clouds RIP. Lightning struck a mile away, my knees shook so hard, and we scrambled down. But not before he showed me how many times you can hear a rock bounce when thrown off the west face. One of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done.


Mile 929.5. The South side of Donohue Pass with JMT hikers (another breed of hiker). Anish (sp?) passed me here; she is trying to break Scott Williamson’s PCT record this year. Go, lady, go!

Pascal’s Donkeys

Pascal had some trouble getting his donkeys over Mathers Pass, mile 817, 12,096 feet. They were postholing, causing bleeding wounds on their legs, and were frightened. He asked if I would hit Daisy to make her budge, and I said no. I won’t hit your donkey!

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