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Canadian Angela climbing the green Hills two days ago near mile 223. She has hiked before, is strong, and gives good advice: don’t stress it.


Slack packing an easy 14 miles today (between Onyx summit and the top of town). A nice downhill. The funny thing is that it was snowing at the hotel in *town* this morning and it’s gorgeous on the trail. Mile 257.4

Storytime and The Story

Hiker Storytime and the bear. There is a great story behind this photo!! It goes something like this: The first time Storytime hiked this part of the PCT, the sun was setting and the trail was getting dark. He had hiked in the dark before but suddenly there erupted the roar of a lion, and… continue reading

Kim Under the 10

Canadian hiker Kim heading under Interstate 10 after a miserably hot and super windy desert death march. We pushed so hard to get through that wind and deep sand – exhausting!

Mile 202

Mile 202. Not sure if you can see them down there, but there are hundreds of wind mills in the San Gorgonio Pass.

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