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Out of Nevills

My previously-sufferable chocolate allergy has finally blossomed into full blown eczema. I start another long hike across the Colorado Plateau next week. How the hell is it even possible to thru hike — to LIVE — without chocolate?! Ideas? No really, I beg your your lightweight, high calorie, healthy-ish backcountry meal ideas. (Self portrait taken… continue reading


I’ve noticed the Star Wars window sun shade seems to be popular amidst Westy owners traveling the Owens Valley this summer! The bling peace sign grill emblem is more unique to Chief Pete, though. Takes guts! Hey… If you’re going to hash tag delicate places such as hidden away hot springs, please also consider PICKING… continue reading

Walk to Vipassana

Just walked from Mammoth Lakes to North Fork, CA east-west across the wet wet wet Sierra and am now sitting Vipassana in silence for ten days. Thoughts? Push them aside.

Dead Battery

I recruited strange (but charitable) men all day yesterday to jump start my van four separate times (so I could stop for gas and to pee) 300 miles down I-5, thanks to a mystery short. I’ll be spending my cold morning at a rest stop, ass hanging out while I’m under my dash trying to… continue reading


BLM. Here there was a roadside garden, planted in cooperation with the BLM to test restoration of native plants. Someone had shot the BLM sign to shit and then shot through the word “native” on another sign. Message received, loud and clear.


Hiking with my good old hiker trash pals Coincidence and Hot Tub in the Salmon Huckleberry Wilderness, near where we’ve been camped out the past couple days in the rain in our buses. We’re so lucky to have such a reprieve. Love is our best weapon. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dry Lake Sand Storm

After. (1hr, 20min after the previous IG shot was taken) (And I do like how y’all seem to prefer scenes of seeming destruction over rainbows!)

Dry Lake Rainbow

The wind was getting really intense on the highway and blowing my van off the road especially when a semi would pass, so I followed the rainbow here. It’s cold, blustery, and raining. Time for a soak (and some new shocks and springs)!

Hot Creek

Saw some hot springs on the map between Mammoth and Lake Crowley, and thought I’d check them out. Mmmmm… I’ll take a pass, Hot Creek is INFERNAL 🔥 Hey Mammoth people, where am I supposed to go? Camping out on BLM tonight in the van but I want a soak in the morning! Might hit… continue reading

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