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24 Hours of Willamette Pass

For some reason I’ve had the 24 Hours of Willamette Pass mountain bike race marked on my calendar all year. I’d set aside the date without any idea of who I would do it with or even why, and definitely – as I’d discover once there – no idea of what it would be like…. continue reading

Peanut Butter Solution

I’m was thinking just now, and intermittently through Sunday, about the magic of peanut butter sandwiches. On Saturday I cared for a kind-souled quadriplegic man. After I remarked on the large scar on his coccyx, he told me that for five years he suffered a bedsore there. He, his wife, doctors and nurses tried everything… continue reading

I Did What? Without Chapstick?

So the other evening I dragged myself out in 90+ degree weather and rode the Portland Mountain Bike Short Track Series without chapstick. I swear if I had had chapstick I could have won the race, but I didn’t. Stupid, stupid stupid. The race was fun, especially the muddy parts (which I detoured through in… continue reading

Best Buttermilk Pancakes, Ever

Just made these for Lisa Marie and sat around comparing dictionary definitions of “sullen” and “morose.” I called someone sullen, she said he was more morose and come to find out it’s the same thing. Sorta. Like I thought. Man, it’s hard to communicate. Yeah. On to pancakes: 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp… continue reading

Henry Hagg Lake

What? I’ve never been out there before. Can’t believe I’ve never been to Henry Hagg Lake! Some of the Veloshop kids just ride out there after taking the MAX train to Hillsboro. I’m glad we drove! Hagg Lake mountain biking/hiking trails are rad except for the mushy parts (sorry trail conservationists!) and riding over a… continue reading

3D Geek

This is really geeky, but I like to play with 3D chemical structures. The University of Oxford Department of Chemistry has a fun database of molecules with pharmaceutical worth, as does Okanagan University College. You can manipulate them in 3D on your screen, isolate out elements and bonds, and just geek out with colorful, trippy… continue reading

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