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Embarrassing to admit, but I was too tired to wash my feet before sleep. I rubbed off the loose dirt before slipping into my bag liner. This is how they look most every night, normal, especially when water is scarce or I’m doing big miles.

Salmon Complex

The (Salmon Complex?) wildfire smoke is very bad this morning. This is a view North towards the Rogue Valley. Last night was much more clear and I could see the lights of Medford. Mile 1706.9

Wildfire smoke

Mile 1590.5 lots of smoky shots for the next couple weeks… Just after I took this a water-carrying helicopter flew over my head and into the smoke. It made me choke up.


It’s not always so pretty. Clear cuts with Mt. Shasta in the background, cradled by forest fire smoke. 🙁 Mile 1448.5

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