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Little Package 2013

It’s ironic that just as my business, Little Package, stabilizes and matures gracefully, I want to step aside on sabbatical. I must be crazy, right? Don’t answer that. Though I’ve been making cycling caps almost 8 years, it is still a hobby business. I don’t advertise and I do not sell wholesale. I have no… continue reading

I Love Snow

Now that I have my gear squared away, I’ve started worrying more about food and resupply. I think I have that pretty figured out, but I’ve learned that you can’t outwit the gathered wisdom of PCT alumni. I fear that were I to share with them what I think I will be eating, they would… continue reading


Today I made a custom mitten pattern — everything I want, and nothing I don’t. It had to be dexterous for a mitten, and without stress points or bunching in the fist. I need to be able to hold handlebars or hiking poles comfortably. If you know mittens, you know this is a tall order…. continue reading

Insulated Down Jackets, Compared

Since I happen to have had all three jackets in hand I thought I’d put together a side-by-side comparison. Break it down, Caroline-style. It might help you decide. Heck, it might help me decide. This fancy tech stuff is so hard to choose between.

Why I Left Facebook

While I was doing dishes this morning I started thinking about the scene in Pulp Fiction where they are cleaning brains from the car. I thought about the man who specialized in cleaning up tough problems. Who was this man? I can’t remember his name but I do remember he is played by Harvey Keitel…. continue reading

Bike Craft 2012

It’s getting busy in my studio but I had to take a minute aside to let everyone know Little Package will be at the Bike Craft fair this year. This will be the 5th or 6th time I’ve tabled at this wonderful, homegrown Portland event, and as always, I’m looking forward to it. It’s so… continue reading

Dutch Baby – German Pancake

I originally learned how to make Dutch Babies (I call them German pancakes) while babysitting for some particularly kitchen-saavy little girls, about 20 years ago. Many years of hit-or-miss German pancake cooking, and I now have a great recipe and some tips for getting them to come out perfect, (almost) every time. Ingredients 3 eggs,… continue reading

Thanks, Friends

I carved this linocut to hand-make Thank You cards for the friends who helped me when I broke my collarbone August 13th. It was amazing–but unsurprising–how many great people stepped forward and what generous things they offered. I was given slings, food, pain pills, rides, good company, liniments, massages, household help, help bathing and dressing,… continue reading

Money Talks

There are many incentives for participating in a bike race, but probably one of the top incentives is the cash prize. Cash puts stars in the eyes of people who might otherwise just go out of their way each weekend to prep their bikes, bellies, family, chamois, and plans; travel; slap money on the registration table; suffer… continue reading

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