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NOLS Magic

This is about feeling thankful. The day before I met this NOLS crew, I decided to not go into Escalante, Utah for resupply. I *sorta* had enough food to get to my next cache, and I was going to make a run for it and “see what happened.” This basically means I was going to… continue reading

Nearly Impossible Without Rope

Sheer exhaustion. No wonder the family hiking Round Valley Draw as a loop were looking at me and my pack so funny. I mean, they seemed totally confused why I was headed in and confident I’d get out the top end. Silly me. It’s a total bitch to climb out of that slot!! Nearly impossible… continue reading


Can you see the big horn sheep? Find the cairn then look left. These guys are everywhere in the Grand Canyon. In fact, last night I was cowboy camped and almost got trampled by one. Believe me they’re a lot bigger, louder, and much more majestic when they’re almost on top of you. Last week… continue reading

Best Camp

About as alive as I can be, but sad to be leaving the depths of the Grand Canyon after a week below the rim. I slept on this ledge the other night, a long way above the murky Colorado River but also a long way below the rim. The moon and stars, a million gajillion… continue reading

Grand Canyon Bison

Learn more about the GCNP bison plan, and possible lethal culling, here. I felt a little guilty rousing these giants from their sand baths. After all, they became a part of me overnight after I gave up on finding clean water and drank a broth of their poop from a drying-up spring gone foul. It… continue reading

The Secret Knowledge of Water

I’m reading Craig Childs’ The Secret Knowledge of Water on recommendation of @brooke.appler and – get this – last night read chapter four under the stars near enough a creek to hear its babbling flow. Chapter four describes not only these handprints that I saw earlier that day, but also how he crawled inside a… continue reading

Tarantula Mesa

How did Tarantula Mesa get its name is a “which came first the chicken or the egg” sort of question for me. The legs of this Mesa look like tarantula legs. Then again, this evening tarantulas were crawling everywhere. This little guy was my first sighting ever, then shortly after came many, many more.

Hitch off Whitney

I’m back in the hitching game headed for Las Vegas after coming off Mount Whitney yesterday… Momentum started way up there at 9000′ in the back of a stranger’s pickup sitting next to a dead deer head but that’s another story. Got a little rest last night then took fellow summiteers @christopher.wesley and @boomshroom2 on… continue reading

Annual Whitney Sufferfest

It’s sort of neat — in that I-have-a-headache-and-feel-like-barfing-or-pooping-but-it’s-20°-and-I-can’t-move-or-part-of-me-will-break-off way — to have the summit of Mt Whitney (1400′) to yourself for twelve hours. The new moon brought all the stars — and the milky way — out to play! But this is just this morning’s sunrise looking northwest.

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