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Thanks mom and little sister for getting me these shoes for Christmas – they’re taking me such cool places!! And if you’re wondering wtf is going on with my gaiters, here’s your answer: I was post holing up to my HIPS. Funny story about that. So I’m postholing, and sometimes trying my luck at crawling… continue reading

Sunset Loop Pano 1

Sunset on the Colorado River near Moab, Utah. It is here that the river loops into a perfect near figure 8 shape, separated by tall slivers of rock wall. It looks great on the map, too. I’d seen the Loop in books and calendars; it was something else to climb up there in person. Wowy.


There’s LTE in the middle of nowhere and we got tons of rain and snow last night in Canyonlands so you get an update. None of that snow was there yesterday.

Velocipede Races Cover

This time last year I was reading a quick and fun book by Emily June Street called The Velocipede Races, preparing to illustrate its cover. The book centers around a young woman’s passion for cycling, is tinged with steampunky Victoriana, and is also digestibly feminist. In short, I totally enjoyed it and had no trouble… continue reading

HMG backpack

*** UPDATE – I DON’T LIKE THIS PACK AFTERALL. It gave me a rash and was too delicate. BACK TO ULA!! *** I feel like a total traitor to ULA but this is my new pack. It’s so sexy I couldn’t resist. In fact, I once dated a guy pretty much because he owned this… continue reading

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