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As if to say, “I’m sorry, but, I’m not sorry,” the universe provided me with both these finds, within a few yards of one another on my road walk, about 12 hours after my scorpion bites. Don’t care much what kind of snake or beer it was, I loved ’em both. I made the snake… continue reading

Wilson Update

An update on my sweet hiking companion, Wilson (the mini basketball). I was informed by a couple Grand Canyon backcountry rangers (Eston & Della) that Wilson was part of a sports ball stash that has been there for some reason for many many years. I packed Wilson out thinking the balls were trash. Whoops! (Pack… continue reading


The hashtag “hikeLAG” is “hike like a girl” and I don’t know wtf that means because I’m a woman, real deal woman stuff lady bitch woman. The past 24 hours I had to deal with super clingy men, getting hit on and offered gifts, offers to cuddle to keep ’em warm, and kissed even though… continue reading

Ultra Lame

South to North to South rim ultra runners tough out the chilly thunderstorms on the North Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon 5/14/2016. If only these guys could yield to uphill hikers, announce “on your left,” and not talk 10 decibels louder than anyone else in the park about their mileage stats or their jock itch,… continue reading

Heart Shaped

It has a heart, but that doesn’t mean it won’t HURT YOU. These guys can be bigger than a big man and they do leave bruises. Take your eyes off the Tonto Trail in Grand Canyon for one split second and you’ve got a free acupuncture treatment. They’re everywhere and they line the trail, sometimes… continue reading


I am the worst daughter ever. My mother worries about me of course, and this morning she told me she had a nightmare about falling and was worried about me falling. And before that this morning I went to take a self portrait on the edge of the Grand Canyon, with a 600′ drop, and… continue reading


You can drive up to the park and peer over the rim or even hike down a few thousand feet. You can hire a plane or a helicopter. You can float down the Colorado River in a boat. But I’m now absolutely certain there’s no better way to meet it and see it than by… continue reading


I’m alive. At South Rim Grand Canyon after five nights camped below the rim. I’ve now been hiking alone for 49 days I think, but at one of my most vulnerable moments, sitting on the shore of the Colorado near the Little Colorado confluence waiting for someone to ferry me across and getting ignored by… continue reading

Nankoweap Canyon

I really need to learn more geology. Or maybe the mystery of all this stripey colored rock weirdness that makes me giddy and giggly is enough. Does it need words?

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