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Category : My VW Westfalia

In October 2013 I bought a 1983.5 (water-cooled) Westfalia van and named him Chief Pete.

Chief Pete goes almost everywhere with me because he’s my home.

Concerned about the future of Chief Pete? Help him out with some GoBucks! GoWesty has quite a few parts we always want/need, but can never quite afford at the moment. Heck, nobody can afford this van.


Colors in Los Osos, home of GoWesty (a Vanagon-owner mecca). Sorry for the barrage of posts, but the past couple days have been exciting! GoWesty hooked me up with some goodies for Chief Pete, I dropped off my old tranny, and I’m on my way! The next week is going to be too good not to share so follow along please!


I suppose with that first coat of primer I screwed myself out of a door tonight… It’s gonna be a chilly one, but worth it to nip the rust in the bud. (Chief Pete is getting lots of little face lifts before I hit the road later this month, he’s gonna be so sexy.)


Yes! Hiker Apache gets a Pepsi at Warner Springs Community Center. Last time I saw this guy he was vegging in Belden. He sat quietly while I received a box containing shoes of the wrong size (big bummer) and some other major trail drama went down. I love this guy’s mellow, and mad style. See you at Kickoff, Apache.

Big Sur

My first time in Big Sur! Parked on this pull out yesterday afternoon and couldn’t bring myself to leave. So I didn’t. People came and went all night, but I just hung out reading, drawing, drinking wine, eating salmon curry, and sleeping.

Picked Up

Hiker trash I hauled to San Rafael. I hitch hike enough that it is important to also give rides to hitch hikers. These guys hiked a little of the Lost Coast but then decided it wasn’t for them. Johnny, You (left), Me the bulldog, and me. So cool.

Little Package