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In October 2013 I bought a 1983 water-cooled Westfalia and named him Chief Pete.

Chief Pete goes almost everywhere with me because he’s my home.

Concerned about the future of Chief Pete? Help him out with some GoBucks! GoWesty has quite a few parts we always want/need, but can never quite afford at the moment.

Back on the Road

Bye bye Portland! Chief Pete is back on the road! And he’s running better than ever. We’re hoping to see a bear tonight in these woods. Grrrr.

Chief Pete Comeback

When I got my water-cooled 1.9L Vanagon last fall, the prior owner (PO) said repeatedly, ominously, “These vans take a lot of work,” and “I don’t know how long this van will run, could be days, could be years.” As I drove it down to Mexico and back this Spring, I suffered so much anxiety… continue reading

Lonnie’s Oil Pump Puller

Vanagon oil pump is out! Fourth tool’s a charm. Now it’s super customized with a sturdier tee and less depth. Here’s to never giving up (and credit cards). Thanks again, Lonnie!

Picked Up

Hiker trash I hauled to San Rafael. I hitch hike enough that it is important to also give rides to hitch hikers. These guys hiked a little of the Lost Coast but then decided it wasn’t for them. Johnny, You (left), Me the bulldog, and me. So cool.

New Tires

New tires and a proper alignment for my van: priceless. It really cruises now, steers easily, tracks, no rolling resistance, and moves loads safely. I got the Hankook RA08 light duty truck tires to replace the brand new passenger car tires that had gotten completely chewed in under 1000 miles due to a very bad… continue reading

Fridge Out

Home sweet home. (Pretty much the first thing I did when I bought the van was remove the fridge for more cupboard space. Then the next thing I did was drop it. Some of the panel broke. I was horrified. Then I gave it away for free. I had a lot to learn!)

Chief Pete

…and then there’s my new home, a 1983.5 Volkswagen Vanagon… This is a photograph of the moment my van got its name “Chief Pete.” There’s my best friend Peter reflected in the paint, wrapped in a Pendleton Chief Joseph blanket. Not much more complicated than that.