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In October 2013 I bought a 1983 water-cooled Westfalia and named him Chief Pete.

Chief Pete goes almost everywhere with me because he’s my home.

Concerned about the future of Chief Pete? Help him out with some GoBucks! GoWesty has quite a few parts we always want/need, but can never quite afford at the moment.


BLM. Here there was a roadside garden, planted in cooperation with the BLM to test restoration of native plants. Someone had shot the BLM sign to shit and then shot through the word “native” on another sign. Message received, loud and clear.

Scorpion Scare

144 miles on my new 2.2L Wasserboxer engine – so far, so good! Stopped in the gas station in Independence on 395 and this really caught my eye. I call it immersion therapy for “scorpion-phobia.” (Arachnophobia to be precise, since scorpions are arachnids, but I’m not scared at all of spiders.) I made a tag… continue reading


Hiding out on the Owens River, getting ready for a much-needed and super rare NAP. Chief Pete doesn’t know it yet but we’re about to do some off-roading (it went fairly well). I’m breaking in the engine carefully, and still have some minor issues to sort out, like how the **ck I’m supposed to fit… continue reading

Montaña de Oro

Keith surveys the surf at the bluffs of Montaña de Oro State Park from his bicycle. Keith is the Syncro (4WD Westfalia) owner who camped next to me last night. What a “wild” night it grew to be! I bailed on sleeping on the ground because of a huge pack of marauding raccoons. I lost… continue reading

Still in Love with the Van

I haven’t written about my van Chief Pete in almost a year so I thought it important to announce that yes! I still have him and yes! I’m still very much in love with him and no! There are no plans to part ways. Here are some things I did with him this year, besides… continue reading


Colors in Los Osos, home of GoWesty (a Vanagon-owner mecca). Sorry for the barrage of posts, but the past couple days have been exciting! GoWesty hooked me up with some goodies for Chief Pete, I dropped off my old tranny, and I’m on my way! The next week is going to be too good not… continue reading


On our way south down the coast! Chief Pete really needs a wash but we have priorities right now. Get away from the salt water!


Fog rolled in today, not so good for painting. So, another day without a door. And ya know, fog means cold. I got a tarp for a door.


I suppose with that first coat of primer I screwed myself out of a door tonight… It’s gonna be a chilly one, but worth it to nip the rust in the bud. (Chief Pete is getting lots of little face lifts before I hit the road later this month, he’s gonna be so sexy.)