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The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,668 mile (4,294 km) trail running through the tallest mountain crests and volcanic peaks of California, Oregon, and Washington from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. I walked its entire length in 2013 and was back on trail for more casual fun in 2014 and 2015. In my opinion, it is a 16″ by 2,668 mile slice of heaven.

Mile 506

It happens to be a perfect day for hiking. Mile 506 (I’m actually very sick, laying down in the middle of the trail, and barely able to move. There are deer. Some MTBers roll up and I send them packing. “You’re on the wrong trail.” “We are?” “Yes, you are.”)


Hiker Shotput is showing off her super random care package items, which include mysterious Ukrainian beets and corn cakes.

Carolyn Burkhart

On the 12th I met Carolyn Burkhart, one of the first two women to complete the entire PCT solo in ’76-’77 (I hear varying stories). She’s south-bounding. She had a built-in sit pad hanging from the bottom of her pack so she could sit anywhere tidy and comfy. I wish I had gotten better light… continue reading


Climbed Mt Baden-Powell today. 9399 ft! I didn’t realize it’s a Boy Scout mecca. So many scouts…


Back in Wrightwood after a 28-mile slack pack south to Cajon. Tired. For tonight: pizza and a SHOWER!! A perfect day. Mile 369.3

The Stoned Boners

I’m the biggest slacker packer, ever. I didn’t hike to Wrightwood, but I’m here. Love this crüe! A bunch of us will be sobo slack-packing from north of Wrightwood back down to Cajon Pass, enjoying it downhill in the heat instead of uphill. Then we will hitchhike back to Wrightwood. Why suffer when you don’t… continue reading