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The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,668 mile (4,294 km) trail running through the tallest mountain crests and volcanic peaks of California, Oregon, and Washington from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. I walked its entire length in 2013 and was back on trail for more casual fun in 2014 and 2015. In my opinion, it is a 16″ by 2,668 mile slice of heaven.

Tree Killer

Hanging with none other than Tree Killer! Met this guy in the South Sierras 2013 and gave him the slip south of Shasta never to see him again. Best, most straight-up PCT tattoo, ever – I LOVE IT.

The Grad

Whoa! I got the the Anderson’s and found The Grad wearing the Hawaiian I hiked hundreds of miles in last year. It’s signed by a bunch of PCT 2013 hikers. The signatures I had collected are faded but mostly still there. So cool.

Shoe Recycling

My purple New Balance Leadvilles join the other shoes left in the hiker boxes at the Saufleys in Agua Dulce. These are the shoes that marched me into Canada last October. Bye bye cool shoes. Shoes that are not taken for use by PCT hikers are donated to charity in Los Angeles.

Ziggy & The Bear

I went to leave Ziggy and The Bear’s today but my transmission has a huge leak. So goodby wasn’t really goodbye. Yay! I love these two. They love and understand hikers and devote most each year to caring for them in Whitewater, CA. If you support a hiker, support a trail angel. (This is a… continue reading


Hiker Natalia is just about as spunky as ever, despite a tumble on trail and a strong narcotic. Today Doug and I did a little rescue op near mile 207 and brought her to the Banning, CA urgent care. A lot of you might recognize her from kickoff. You know, with the “sexy” homemade quilt…… continue reading


All that remains of the 90 year-old Al Bahr Shrine Camp, a former asset to hikers near mile 47 of the PCT, and a major asset to the community of Mt. Laguna. When it burned they lost over 100 members of the community (they moved away). Businesses are fighting to stay open, and fans of… continue reading

Little Package