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Oh god, Sierra, you slay me. (And look at that storm blowing in!) I’m walking along the San Joaquin River headwaters…

Peter on Gnarl Ridge

Think you’re tough? My friend of 22 years is legally blind and was just diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Nevertheless he hiked the difficult, 40-mile Timberline Trail around Mt. Hood with me and we finished strong this morning. We celebrated with Timberline Lodge buffet and mimosas. Congratulations, Peter!


Many of my IG followers know Lionheart, die hard hiker and gentle soul. What a treat to run into her in the Sierra and hike a little with her. I hope her foot cooperates and she finds her “carrot” (at the end of the proverbial stick) wherever she is headed, whether it be a trail… continue reading


Now you’re just showing off… Attempted to summit unnamed peak (4182 meters) to the West of Forrester Pass despite a Korean film crew translator telling me “you will die.” I didn’t die but didn’t tackle the final 200′ due to a sketchy cornice. But, views for days, including down on Forrester Pass and across over… continue reading

Hayduke Desert Panoramas

My 850-mile backpacking trip this Spring took me through Southern Utah and Northern Arizona, through all these National Parks and wild lands I’d never seen before. What better way to see them for the first time than to walk through them and sleep in their dirt? I couldn’t think of one. I took some neato… continue reading

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Ultra runner on the Zion Rim trail: “You thru-hiking?” “Yep.” UR: “Where you headed to tonight?” “I’ll probably finish.” (A lie. I have learned to not tell people where I’m going to sleep.) UR: “Oh well, that’s a ways… But you might be able to do it if you skip Kolob Arch, that’s half a… continue reading


Excuse my language but shit! Nobody told me I was going to be walking into fairyland this morning. I would have brought my sparkle dust! Speaking of which, did you know the kind of sparkle dust in glimmery makeup and shampoo is made of scorpion shit? And our DNA is made up of the same… continue reading


Blessed to hike this before the crowds arrived. This treacherous razor’s edge trail cut into the sandstone is on the National Register of Historic Places, and affords folks a birds eye view of Zion Valley. The Paiutes call/called the Valley Mukuntuweap (“Straight Up Land”) and for a short while the National Park was called that… continue reading

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