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Paint Your Wagon

This guy. Hiker “Paint Your Wagon.” If you’ve been on the Pacific Crest Trail the past four years you’ve probably met him. I met him when we both worked Ziggy and the Bear’s in 2014. He’s always upbeat, a hard worker, and has a really hard time finding hiking shoes for his size 17 feet…. continue reading

Bad Weather

Yesterday after leaving my blissful private hot spring spot, I climbed 3300 feet into a hail storm, hid from thunder in a granite cave, and crossed Silver Pass (~11,000ft) in pouring rain and wind to my camp 17 miles later. Just to say, blissed out cool shit doesn’t always come easy.


Oh god, Sierra, you slay me. (And look at that storm blowing in!) I’m walking along the San Joaquin River headwaters…

Peter on Gnarl Ridge

Think you’re tough? My friend of 22 years is legally blind and was just diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Nevertheless he hiked the difficult, 40-mile Timberline Trail around Mt. Hood with me and we finished strong this morning. We celebrated with Timberline Lodge buffet and mimosas. Congratulations, Peter!

Tuttle Creek Ashram

Last night I stayed in the Tuttle Creek Ashram, also known as the Stone House or the Ashrama or the Monastery by locals. Built in 1928 as a summer school spiritual retreat, it has long been abandoned and stripped, and was even threatened with dynamite demolition when the land it sits on was designated Wilderness… continue reading

Long Shadow

This tarp casts a long shadow!! Goofing around but really I have to hop in the sleeping bag early because it’s going to get really cold up here at 13,900 feet tonight. I have a view of the dry Owens Lake bed and Mount Langley’s shadow, and am all set to catch another amazing sunrise!… continue reading


Many of my IG followers know Lionheart, die hard hiker and gentle soul. What a treat to run into her in the Sierra and hike a little with her. I hope her foot cooperates and she finds her “carrot” (at the end of the proverbial stick) wherever she is headed, whether it be a trail… continue reading