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Mary Brings Water

Wonderful Mary at Bird Springs Pass, mile 630.8. I woke up to the sound of her truck. I was ecstatic to get to meet her since she’d saved my ass two days in a row with her water caches. I hauled 72 gallons of water from her truck in my pajamas. Since her son doesn’t… continue reading


You Go, Girl! Back on the trail with a cold; snotty nose, cough and all. Mile 566 of the Pacific Crest Trail, west of Mojave, CA, is where the PCT started for Cheryl Strayed (author of the book Wild). It’s a brutal, waterless stretch. I personally thought I was going to die of thirst when… continue reading


Hiker Lighthouse, the Scottish ginger with the amazing impromptu mohawk, showing off his crib. Quite literally “hikertrash.” Luv this kid!


Tumbleweed stacked up next to the Los Angeles Aquaduct. This part of the hike is supposed to be brutal with blazing sun and heat, but all I’m dealing with is a nasty cold, and of course — it’s raining.

Mile 506

It happens to be a perfect day for hiking. Mile 506 (I’m actually very sick, laying down in the middle of the trail, and barely able to move. There are deer. Some MTBers roll up and I send them packing. “You’re on the wrong trail.” “We are?” “Yes, you are.”)


Hiker Shotput is showing off her super random care package items, which include mysterious Ukrainian beets and corn cakes.

Carolyn Burkhart

On the 12th I met Carolyn Burkhart, one of the first two women to complete the entire PCT solo in ’76-’77 (I hear varying stories). She’s south-bounding. She had a built-in sit pad hanging from the bottom of her pack so she could sit anywhere tidy and comfy. I wish I had gotten better light… continue reading