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Hiker Natalia is just about as spunky as ever, despite a tumble on trail and a strong narcotic. Today Doug and I did a little rescue op near mile 207 and brought her to the Banning, CA urgent care. A lot of you might recognize her from kickoff. You know, with the “sexy” homemade quilt…… continue reading


All that remains of the 90 year-old Al Bahr Shrine Camp, a former asset to hikers near mile 47 of the PCT, and a major asset to the community of Mt. Laguna. When it burned they lost over 100 members of the community (they moved away). Businesses are fighting to stay open, and fans of… continue reading

Gotta Walk

Hiker Gotta Walk at Eagle Rock yesterday. Super animated lady, training for “Grand to Grand” by hiking the PCT. Wow!


Yes! Hiker Apache gets a Pepsi at Warner Springs Community Center. Last time I saw this guy he was vegging in Belden. He sat quietly while I received a box containing shoes of the wrong size (big bummer) and some other major trail drama went down. I love this guy’s mellow, and mad style. See… continue reading