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Category : Lowest to Highest

Lowest to Highest, a walk through the California desert. Learn more about this 130-mile-ish hiker version of the L2H ultramarathon sufferfest (maps included) that goes from Death Valley Badwater to the top of Mount Whitney, or just check it out blow-by-blow below.

Pineapple Express

On October 2, I tackled Telescope Peak. Google it, it’s something like one of the world’s shortest climbs with the most elevation gain, and unless you can keep your eyes peeled for desire paths, there’s no trail. No joke, that was sorta really hard. 😜 Thanks Kevin for capturing my swagger on film, for giving me the L2H trail name “Pineapple Express” (you can see the pineapple kool-aid in my pack but not the dried pineapples inside), and for hanging tough. I’ll never forget how incredibly quickly you fell asleep once reaching the top! Get free L2H maps which include the foot route over Telescope east-west.


This lady has great perspective, gives me the best laughs and is the keystone to my Lowest to Highest hike (starting tomorrow). I’m so glad Miss Shotput drove out to Lone Pine to visit and help me get ready; we had a blast at Cerro Gordo today. She also kicked my ass at shuffleboard and Bananagrams. My cheeks hurt. 😘💕

Little Package