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Lowest to Highest, a walk through the California desert. Learn more about this 130-mile-ish hiker version of the L2H ultramarathon sufferfest (maps included) that goes from Death Valley Badwater to the top of Mount Whitney, or just check it out blow-by-blow below.


Last Thursday evening I struck out at Badwater Basin (the lowest point in the USA) for a long hike with this awesome fella, @kevindoesstuff We just rolled into Lone Pine, about 110 miles into a 130 mile hike, and are scarfing Chinese buffet with our new BFF, Abram. The three of us have had the… continue reading

Sierra View

Snow on the Sierra range. A slightly discouraging view, considering our plan was to hike straight up to the top of Mt Whitney. But we took a hard-earned 24 hour break in Lone Pine (as we came in 24 hours ahead of schedule), got some permits and snow gear, and headed up. This was supposed… continue reading


A nice thing about a walk down old 4×4 roads in this area is finding abandoned ruins of old mining operations and such. This is the top of a defunct tram that runs over the Inyo mountain range. The Saline Valley salt tram was finished in 1913 and brought 20 tons of salt every hour… continue reading


My L2H hiking buddies have fled Lone Pine and it’s “back to work” for all of us. I will certainly never forget this adventure, nor regret a second of it, mostly thanks to these two. Good times. Kevin at left, Abram at right; rain storm in Death Valley


Summiting Telescope Peak, 11,043ft, highest point in Death Valley National Park. Yet another summit this year with less-than-desirable smoggy/smokey/not-sure-what-that-muck-was views, but totally worth every skipped heart beat and coughed-up lung. This mountain top is where we learned of the mysterious and illustrious Abram, of “the wind.” Thanks again Kevin for awesome photos. (We did 31… continue reading

Pineapple Express

On October 2, I tackled Telescope Peak. Google it, it’s something like one of the world’s shortest climbs with the most elevation gain, and unless you can keep your eyes peeled for desire paths, there’s no trail. No joke, that was sorta really hard. 😜 Thanks Kevin for capturing my swagger on film, for giving… continue reading


This lady has great perspective, gives me the best laughs and is the keystone to my Lowest to Highest hike (starting tomorrow). I’m so glad Miss Shotput drove out to Lone Pine to visit and help me get ready; we had a blast at Cerro Gordo today. She also kicked my ass at shuffleboard and… continue reading