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Lowest to Highest, a walk through the California desert. Learn more about this 130-mile-ish hiker version of the L2H ultramarathon sufferfest (maps included) that goes from Death Valley Badwater to the top of Mount Whitney, or just check it out blow-by-blow below.


Stayed on the porch of the Saline Valley Salt Tram tender’s cabin last night, 8650 feet. So much quiet. Check out the Saline Valley salt tram on Google – it’s a weird, fascinating relic. Down into Death Valley (Saline Valley) today!


A top ten most obvious fact about me: I am not classy. But I have a damn good, good time where I can, and every day I care less and less what other people think about me. Being in the woods so much the past few years is turning me into a real human animal… continue reading

We Three

My wonderful hiking partners and I make it to the top of Mount Whitney despite all that moisture!! Lots of hugs and next up: hot cocoa. L2H completed, and for Abram (left), the H2L2H (highest to lowest to highest)! My third summit in three years, and third time sleeping on the top. I climbed four… continue reading

First Glimpses

First glimpses of the Sierra after the storm, panorama part 1 of 3. Abram takes shots. I take shots. By now, Kevin AKA “Bulldozer” AKA Lighthouse had already blown through his DLSR battery in a bewildering 5-day photo frenzy, and we had been cold and wet 36 hours in Death Valley(!), wondering what happened in… continue reading

Lee Flat

A strange, soaking wet and cold day on Lee Flat. I kept imagining — wishing — a horde of undead, long-haired Vikings in leather armor would storm over the Joshua tree-studded hills on burros, hair and fur flowing in the wind. I also kept trying to cuddle with said trees, but all to no avail.


We first learned of Abram while atop Telescope Peak. He had signed in the log book, “Highest to Lowest to Highest (H2L2H – Mt. Whitney to Badwater to Mt. Whitney),” We joked that when we met Abram we would have to kill him as such a crazy hiking accomplishment made our hike look paltry…. continue reading

Little Package