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I hiked this trail in Spring 2016 and again in Fall 2017. Then I hiked my own version of it in 2019. It was fun.

From the back cover of the book that started it all:

Traversing six national parks (Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce, Grand Canyon, Zion), a national recreation area, a national monument, and various wilderness, primitive, and wilderness study areas, the Hayduke Trail is a challenging, 800-mile backcountry route on the Colorado Plateau. Whimsically named for a character in Edward Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Gang, the trail begins in Arches National Park and ends in Zion National Park, stays entirely on public land, and traverses the complete variety of terrain available to hikers on the Plateau short of technical climbing.

Joe Mitchell and Mike Coronella pioneered Hayduke after concluding that a long trail—such as the Appalachian or Pacific Crest— was possible on the Plateau, thus introducing more people to these unique and threatened public lands. The Hayduke Trail includes detailed maps of the entire route, suggested cache points, and a wealth of description and tips for tackling this intense undertaking.

Tired of Narrows

I told Joery I was “tired of” narrows and slot canyons. “You’re bored of them?” he replied, surprised. “No, I’m not bored of them, it’s more like I’m full.” Like I’m full and I can’t eat any more. I have only walked a few narrows in Utah but they were all world class and overwhelmingly… continue reading

Crystal Geyser

Yesterday was the first day in over a month hiking Utah desert that I really had “trouble” finding water clear enough to to consider drinking. Once I was totally dry and cotton-mouthed, I was still cracking jokes about my thirst, feeling unconcerned (I had reserved half a liter just in case things really went downhill),… continue reading


I like bathtubs and wifi and the Sun n’ Sand Motel in Kanab serves sweet homemade muffins and bread for breakfast, but honestly right now I miss my outdoor home. Back into the woods in the morning! Photo taken last week sometime camped on Yellow Rock, ~5300ft and balmy. 🍼

Scottus Richardsoni

Yeah so what I didn’t win the lottery to hike the Wave, but I did win big with a private VIP tour of the BLM archeological lab in Kanab, from a wonderful and uncannily lucky fossil scout named Scott Richardson. Here he is explaining how the rock is removed from the bone, in this case… continue reading


Camp in the burn, but with the most beautiful rainbow view. I met Mike and Erin here, two other campers from Brooklyn who also got a permit without realizing what a treat they were in for. We all braved a very cold night for this, woke up spattered in snow, and all left early in… continue reading

Under the Bridge

Part two of two of my “Ain’t Too Proud” series. Ain’t too proud to sleep under a bridge. Maybe really stupid, considering it’s raining and this is BUCKSKIN WASH, but not proud. I got rocked to sleep by the sound of semi trucks roaring by above (soothing because it reminds me of living in my… continue reading


Currently at about 9000′ in a snow flurry, laughing a lot at my own jokes and sorta kinda really cold. In other news I just impressed two men by deftly opening a can of tuna without a can opener. Next level achieved.