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My Gatekeeping, Continued

So as to not seem like I’ve got my head completely up my ass, I’m going to address a blog post shared with me by a climber friend of mine. She, blessed with nice melanin, mentioned it with a hard wink as if to say… “consider it carefully, Caroline.” I’m trying. In June 2018, the… continue reading

Lightweight Wordpress Testimonials

Testimonial plugins and theme functions are generally really over-thought and over-wrought, in my opinion. On this website, where I’ve run a cycling cap business since 2005, I’ve collected customer testimonials as comments and displayed them in a simple manner. I created a page called “Feedback“ I solicited customers to write a comment on the Feedback… continue reading

Good News and Funny Jokes

Lately it’s been nothing but good news and funny jokes. I started collecting jokes the other week when suddenly everyone started telling me them. Why suddenly was everyone telling me jokes? Why was my life suddenly filled with good news? Anyway, it’s sort of like a “You are what you eat” deal where, when I… continue reading

3D Geek

This is really geeky, but I like to play with 3D chemical structures. The University of Oxford Department of Chemistry has a fun database of molecules with pharmaceutical worth, as does Okanagan University College. You can manipulate them in 3D on your screen, isolate out elements and bonds, and just geek out with colorful, trippy… continue reading