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My passion for bikes and bicycling exploded in 2004 when I got swept away in Portland Oregon’s burgeoning cycling scene. That community was so much fun. I raced and cheered cyclocross for a few years, enjoyed a lot of Oregon XC MTB, and went on several long tours such as Portland to San Francisco along 101, Crater Lake to Portland, and Charleston, South Carolina to Boone, North Carolina. During my spare time, I built an independent business around my passion: Little Package Cycling Caps. Bikes are super fun. Bicycling is freedom!

All Aboard Amtrak Express!

The other day at City Bikes I mentioned I was shipping bikes and the really affable long hair redhead guy with black goggles alerted me of Amtrak Express. I’m so glad he mentioned it! Just having gotten back from the gorgeous Portland train station (aren’t all American train stations fairly well-kept quaint relics of rail travel?) I can say: so far so good. I’m a bit nervous, but I did take out $5500 of insurance (ha). At $180 for two bikes and a 45lb. Bob Ibex manufacturer’s box packed with touring gear, with all that insurance, it’s an affordable alternative to FedEx and UPS for shipping bicycles, and having said it will take 5-7 days (days, not business days), it’s… continue reading

Me and Team Beer John Howe Tina Brubaker Fuck You

This is Cyclocross

That’s what I’m talking about! I’m still coming down off the caffeine I guzzled before the race today, think: “mud” down the hatch then mud up to your shins. Epic. Painful. My feet were so cold it felt like I was running on stumps. Gross! But I felt fast, and I passed a few boys who started two minutes ahead of me in the Men’s B race. One whimpered, “You won’t laugh at me if I puke, will you?” My bike clothes have been through three rinses in the bathtub and still excrete opaque mud water. I love mud and cold, and for me that’s what cyclocross is all about. Great times!

Track Lessons

Wednesdays this summer, Alpenrose hosts fairly informal $5 track cycling lessons. I recommend them! Tonight was my first time on a fixed gear (track) bike for any substantial length of time. The fluidity of rolling your legs is lulling, and zen-like (“I am pedaling, I am pedaling, I am peda…”), and immediately nearly anybody could fall in love with riding up and down, around and around. I see why people go ga-ga over track. I crashed my mountain bike on Sandy Blvd. on Saturday night, banging up my right side and destroying my suspension fork. It struck a little fear into my heart! So the first few minutes back on my bike after two weeks of light riding were tentative,… continue reading

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