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I’ve been on bikes from a very young age but my passion exploded in 2004 when I got swept away in Portland’s burgeoning cycling scene and cyclocross racing. I raced for a few years, went on several long tours, and built an independent business around my passion: Little Package Cycling Caps. In my opinion, bikes are freedom and bikes are fun. I hope you ride one!

Abram’s Descent

Abram ( descends White Mountain a little more carefully with a borrowed bike and helmet. I invited him the day before and he pulled gear together despite being couch-surfing in a new town; I was able to borrow a 4×4 truck – pretty incredible luck of ours. You can see the summit hut up high… continue reading


There’s a road all the way to the summit of White Mountain (14,246ft), which makes it by far the easiest 14er summit in California (or perhaps anywhere in the USA). From what I understand, once a year the final 7 miles of chunky road even opens for the general public to drive past the gate!… continue reading

Roller Race

TBT to bikier times in Portland Oregon (2011?). I’m sitting on a stationary track bike about to have my legs torn off by some women with huge legs. I’m pretty sure the infamous Tori Bortman (background) roped me into this roller race even though I was wearing a dress. Hike up the dress, borrow some… continue reading


Fog rolled in today, not so good for painting. So, another day without a door. And ya know, fog means cold. I got a tarp for a door.

Human Whisperer

This week I pulled an insane maneuver: I sold the sewing machine I use to make cycling caps — before getting a replacement. I sold it right out from under my business, without warning or much planning. It had been listed on Craigslist for several weeks as part of my plan to buy a new… continue reading

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