My New Wheels

Glimpse of white Jeep Cherokee near red rock tower of Canyonlands

I’ve been laid up a while with a serious illness and not really able to plan hikes. That’s been hard. And so my new set of wheels has come in handy to get me to the places that I love. Don’t worry! I still have my Westfalia! He goes places, too. But I was able to pick this Jeep up for a deal I couldn’t pass up, and it will drive pretty much anything.

I originally wanted a Comanche, and SP was stuck on the idea of restoring his old beater Land Cruiser, so we compromised, scoured the web for months, and finally landed this by simply placing a wanted ad in the local paper.

Its inaugural drive was up Steel Pass in Death Valley. For 1/10 of the price of other vehicles we saw crawling on the route so as not to damage rims and paint, this Jeep gobbled it up and asked for more, and left with just a scratch on the running boards. Unlike my Westfalia, it’s a fun one to beat up.

It came rust-free with a 3.5″ lift, front air lockers, some “Jeep Week” stickers (a pedigree), and… oddly enough considering it was a California Jeep, an engine heater. I drove the White Rim with it over three days before picking my my BFF Peter and showing him around Arches and Canyonlands. All told, thanks to my Jeep I got to spend 10 nights camping on the White Rim. My Jeep is worth every penny, and more.