Broken reducer hose fitting – fixed!

I broke this plastic bit in my van being a bit heavy-handed while trying to access the manifold coupling hoses. I’m fixing some air leaks and made a big new one – gotta fix it now, too! It’s VW/Audi part number 251611755, and it seems to be NLA. It’s part #11 in this diagram. Nor could I find a part similar enough, except maybe this miniature reducing union tee in brass.

But my best buddy showed me a trick!

Vanagon Transporter plastic part 251611755, shown brokenBroken. Dang!
Vanagon Transporter plastic part 251611755, shown brokenI’ve started drilling a hole, starting with a smaller bit and working my way up to 11/64″.
Part 251-611-755 for a Vanagon, shown broken parts held closely togetherNot sure what I’m doing here other than showing off my hard-earned disgusting hands. Now the barbed shaft fits snugly into the hole I just drilled

Drill out the main part with a 11/64″ drill bit 3-4mm deep. I turned the bit by hand, being careful to keep it parallel with the outlet. Then just seat the broken-off piece into the hole, using a tiny touch of ABS glue and a short, gentle spinning motion while seating it. After the glue is dry, make sure the hose is patent by sending down a ~5/64″ drill bit, again by hand. This is a permanent fix – until you break it again!