Hughes Net un-grounded coax installation

Hughes Net Negligence

Hello. Hughes Net. Whoa. Wow. Their reputation precedes them, and it’s not good.

The first four months of service with Hughes net have been torture, with “speeds” averaging 7.4Mbps down and 0.4Mbps upload. We complained and were told it’s because the pandemic traffic. OK, sure, that sounded fair. Same story as everyone else. Keep reading, it gets better.

But then my mother moved in just 100 yards up the way and had her own Hughes Net installed. Her speeds were much, much faster from the start, so I was inspired to compare our antenna installations. The antennas are pointed similarly enough, but then I noticed… the installer failed to ground our equipment, at all. We have a very large metal roof and are surrounded by millions of acres of public land.

I would think Hughes Net would be ALL OVER THIS considering the massive liability, and as an apology at least offer to replace the pretty obviously static-damaged equipment, but we can’t even get a reply from them. Since I grounded the equipment myself, our speeds are now averaging 30Mbps down, 0.8Mbps up. I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of speeds and grounding the antenna made a big — instant — difference in download speeds. A tech acknowledged our upload speeds are still terrible, which is painful since I’m a developer and really need to move files. I can hardly move small files. It absolutely has been affecting my livelihood.

So Hughes could have burned our house down and started a massive wildfire, and they’re messing with my income… and they are silent. They didn’t call when they said they would. Nothing.

People – make sure your coax cable (AT LEAST) is grounded. If it isn’t there are three big problems:

  1. Increased risk of lightning and fire
  2. Damage to sensitive equipment from wind-caused static
  3. Reduced speeds related to #2

Update October 2020: I am now paying full price (>$80/mo) for the worst internet I’ve had since 1998. Thanks for nothing, HughesNet.