Escape to Yosemite

Yosemite now has a permit system which limits traffic somewhat*. We heard maybe we could get more of the Park to ourselves, and headed out on our first venture to a public place since February. We enjoyed a few slightly-more-serene days in the park. For me it still felt like a zoo, but maybe that’s because I’ve been living with 1-2 people surrounded by millions of acres of untouched forest for five months. We went for a hike, and the next day for a climb, and for about 48 hours almost forgot that it’s been a difficult year. I hadn’t seen Tuolumne from up high since 2013 (and I didn’t see much then because I was running from a lightning storm off Clouds Rest). These views floored me and smoothed my ruffled feathers.

View of Half Dome from the North View of Half Dome in Color view of Half Dome from the East in Black and White

* Many people are abusing the system, poaching time in the Park by cheating at the gate. Looked like a bunch of young climbers. I’ve come to terms with the fact there will always be the “exceptional ones…” who the rules don’t apply to, and who ruin nice things for everyone else. ????‍♀️