Life is a Fairytale

People really die taking selfies like this. But from what I was told, this little 6-day, 140-mile jaunt from Loma, Colorado to Moab, Utah could kill me – no water, then cold and snow and ghoulies, oh my! It was a very uncomfortable hike because of foul weather causing me to shiver the nights through, and time constraints forcing me to walk big miles out the gate, but it was also one of my favorite walks.

The Colorado Plateau mystifies me. Wait? What? How?

Utah has such incredible hidden wonders (and disasters). This long trail took me right back to my mountain bikey roots and made me wonder – if I got back on the saddle, would I still “have it?” Lord knows I can hardly walk right now so that’ll have to be a question for later.

Tomorrow my sweetie meets me in Moab and we get in a canoe and row down into Canyonlands. He’s a geologist so I’ll have him explain the Plateau to me. Life is a fairytale lately. Wild and weird and fun and romantic, laughter is coming easily. I hope to share with you.