Hayduke Trail Maps & Resources


1) Caltopo map of all Hayduke sections, with notes, separable and exportable:

Hayduke Sections 1-7
Hayduke Sections 8-14

These tracks were carefully retraced and will provide decent distance and elevation profiles, in case you need that data. The track stays in wash beds and on trail/road when available. Very few short sections are actual bushwhacks where you will need advanced route-finding skills. Very much of the trail can be short-cutted using well-established desire paths (game trails, use paths, etc), but the GPS tracks I’ve made stick to washes these shortcuts typically avoid. There are several reliable water sources not mentioned elsewhere, and other notes, and so it is worth scanning through. Export the parts of this map you wish to use, and import into your own Caltopo map — or straight into your GPS device. Like many other backpackers and explorers, I recommend the Gaia maps app for the field. Personally I also carry paper maps and compass, and do recommend this, especially for remote sections of the Hayduke.

2) Caltopo map of many Hayduke alternates, with notes, separable and exportable.

Some alternates are omitted due to my concern about creating threaded trail and trampling cryptobiotic soil, namely those in National Parks, namely Arches.

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Trip-planning Resources

My Hayduke tips and advice I tried to keep it simple!

Hayduke trip reports and juicy alternates from Jamal at AcrossUtah.com.

New Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument boundaries (PDF), thanks to Chump. 900,000 acres open to forestry, coal mining, cattle grazing, mining, drilling, fracking, 4×4, hunting, etc etc. (in case that link doesn’t work, try here)

Arizona Trail Water Report

Grand Canyon use area map (PDF), very helpful for filling out your permit! (in case that link doesn’t work, try here)