Jasper Arrowhead

red jasper arrowhead in person's hand

Curtis, a sparkly blue-eyed babe I met in the middle of nowhere the other day, kindly taught me how to find arrowheads. Last night I thought I’d give it a try. Right away I found something that looked like it might be an arrowhead, maybe, but I really wanted to see a real one.

So this morning I set my intentions high, making sure to be specific on what I was asking for. I stopped after walking an hour or so to take off my thermals (is this like a stupid cold, short ass day time of year to be thru hiking or what?) and filter some water. I looked around for an arrowhead. All done, no luck, I threw on my pack and took two stumbling steps forward.

There it was at my feet, a jasper arrowhead.

It seems like it was unfinished, and my surprise at finding it still has me thinking it’s a fake. I wish I knew more about them.

A rather magical morning in Canyonlands, I then climbed to the top of a mesa and found the source of all this jasper, warm and sparkling. It was hard to leave it all behind.

jasper with crystals in someone's sun gloved hand