tonto trail

Can you see the big horn sheep? Find the cairn then look left. These guys are everywhere in the Grand Canyon. In fact, last night I was cowboy camped and almost got trampled by one. Believe me they’re a lot bigger, louder, and much more majestic when they’re almost on top of you.

Last week I was frustrated with a route along The River and decided to climb high and find a game route. I found a precarious ledge and got optimistic. But I was really making an ass of my go as a human sheep, slipping every third step and not gaining any ground. I looked down in the talus below where I belonged and there was a sheep, casually chewing grass and drolly regarding me as if to say, “You really are an ass. Get down.”

I found a can of chicken in that cairn. Zoom in and you’ll see it too! Was hungry so it came in handy. I sauteed it in coconut oil and added it to my ramen. The trail provides.