Nearly Impossible Without Rope

Sheer exhaustion. No wonder the family hiking Round Valley Draw as a loop were looking at me and my pack so funny. I mean, they seemed totally confused why I was headed in and confident I’d get out the top end. Silly me. It’s a total bitch to climb out of that slot!! Nearly impossible without rope… I did at one point slip down the narrow chute at the top end and skinned my back on my spine. Each attempt made me more and more tired, and left me feeling more and more like a rodent trapped in a maze. I started to panic a little bit. I should have taken the bypass trail around the northwest side of the slot like that cute little wide-eyed family did.

Funny thing is, I beat them out of the area and they passed me again later on the exit road, this time VERY wide-eyed.

Celebrating my trip being ostensibly 1/2 done. Woo hoo.

Also, I’m gonna pig out tonight cuz this pic showed me I’m getting way thin.