vanagon parked with top popped

I’ve noticed the Star Wars window sun shade seems to be popular amidst Westy owners traveling the Owens Valley this summer! The bling peace sign grill emblem is more unique to Chief Pete, though. Takes guts!


If you’re going to hash tag delicate places such as hidden away hot springs, please also consider PICKING UP YOUR TRASH and WRITING LETTERS TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVES to ensure they stay protected. Heck, pick up other people’s trash. I just spent two mornings doing it!

Hashtagging is causing a real impact on previously quiet places. This place I stayed last night was crowded and littered. People are ignoring signs meant to protect restoration areas and private land. It wouldn’t be surprising if the area gets closed to the public soon. I have questions for you:

Why are you hash tagging? Are you trying to get Instagram famous?! Unless you’re trying to promote something for a living, why does it matter if strangers find your post or follow you?

PS – I love all your hashtags in the comments. Y’all crack me up!