Whitney, Tim, and Willy

A man and his motorbike in Alabama Hills, with snowy Sierra in background

Women guard your husbands ‘cuz if they this fun they’re at risk of getting snagged on the local adventurettes.

This is Tim. He stopped to smoke a cigarette near my van and I bummed one cuz… good lookin’ lone motobiker? I asked about his planned rides. When he mentioned the Inyo Range, I convinced him that if he was gonna bike it, he needed to do it right, and ride the entire crest. He asked if I would want to come, and duh, guess what I said.

So the next day found us BRAPPING the fuck up Cerro Gordo Road, riding clear past the salt tram to New York Butte, then back down the Swansea Grade. We hit some high speeds, which in hindsight was just stupid AF, but in the moment sorta… fun? I just hung on to the back and enjoyed the ride and the scenery. It’s sorta jarring though: pretty scenery and speed, the sound of a four-stroke. They don’t really go together. I think it’s more of an adrenaline outlet than a scenery thing, or at least the scenery comes second to the rush.

I took his constant reassurance about what an amazing motorcyclist or whatever in good faith, because I was wearing MTB gloves and jeans and a helmet. He had all the leathers, so it was easy for him to say whatever he wanted. But we only dumped once, going slowly uphill (and not on the Swansea Grade where we were more at risk of crashing). Anyone who knows anything about that route would be impressed with Tim.

If you want to see a video of what we did, here’s something really similar:

These guys ascended (went UP) the Swansea Grade which is wiser. You can see how sketchy the Swansea Grade is starting about 30 seconds into the video, ending just past 1:30. These guys were surely winning but they didn’t have girls on their bike. I give Tim credit, he’s a pretty good moto biker. Good lookin’ too. The picture above shows him with Mt. Whitney and Mt. Williamson (Willy) in the background, in the Alabama Hills how I found him.

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