Bikini Cross – Where it All Started

SSCWC in bikini

Some people thought this was un-feminist of me, not classy, etc. The rest of us were just having a real good time. Wage FUN, Portland! #sscxwc, much latergram 2007 (photo via @unnskyldmeg, credit @cxmagazine)

This was a time I was working on becoming less shy and consciously forcing myself out of my shell by doing things only confident women would do (so I thought). This was a time when I got much better at not giving so many fucks. It wasn’t about attention like I’m sure many confused or jealous people thought, it was about personal growth and making fun.

And yet, several years after MANY photos were taken that cold October day, an online bike publication decided to host a caption contest with one of the less flattering images. Horrifying comments about my looks and acceptability as a mate rolled in, a hundred nasty ones within the first hour. I had a good cry, then went on the war path. No, you do not get to look at ANY woman that way, critique her, whether she is clothed or chooses to go naked, whether she wears red lipstick or a burqua. Especially not in my presence.

Footnote. After I complained to that online bike blog, they apologized, gave me a free bike headlight for review (?!), and agreed to take down their incredibly sexist and very popular “podium girls” forum. Many men were pissed at me for instigating this major change on their favorite online lurk, but as @pmrxbowielarvino would say, they can #FOF.

I still have this bikini, and it still fits. So kiss my ass. 💋