Upside-down on Whitney

Upside Down on Whitney

14,500 feet upside down. It was a really cold night last night at Iceberg lake, one of those nights where you have to pee so bad but don’t dare crawl outside the sleeping bag because it was so hard to stop shivering when you first got in. I tore my emergency blanket to bits trying to keep it wrapped tight around me! Today was my first Mount Whitney summit via the mountaineers route, which was definitely challenging. I’m very impressed with how many people attempt it because it involves so much fearlessness and fitness. It was very cold and windy at the summit and so a handstand was the obvious choice of pose. Numb hands, numb feet, dressed like a dork trying to stay warm, but happy to be here. Photo by the birthday boy Pepperflake, who is always such a great hiking partner.