Montaña de Oro

california beach

Keith surveys the surf at the bluffs of Montaña de Oro State Park from his bicycle.

Keith is the Syncro (4WD Westfalia) owner who camped next to me last night. What a “wild” night it grew to be! I bailed on sleeping on the ground because of a huge pack of marauding raccoons. I lost count at around ten. At one point woke up with a cougar routing out rodents 50ft from the truck, where I was camped up on the bed. I shined my headlamp at him and he slinked away silently. Thanks to my friends telling me horror stories involving rabid raccoons (lately) in the Eastern Sierra, I feared for my toes hanging out the tailgate and my face and fingers too. I was so jealous of Keith and his cozy van – and yet what a mind-fuck – because I own one! So, in other words, I missed Chief Pete.

When I woke up intact and had this nice walk on the beach, I felt thankful.