Tuttle Creek Ashram

Last night I stayed in the Tuttle Creek Ashram, also known as the Stone House or the Ashrama or the Monastery by locals. Built in 1928 as a summer school spiritual retreat, it has long been abandoned and stripped, and was even threatened with dynamite demolition when the land it sits on was designated Wilderness in 1964. Its geometric design and position are sublime, and it inspires awe and reverence (for some people). It was built at 8000′ by a couple (Franklin and Sherifa Merrell-Wolff) who believed it when they were told the most spiritual places were the highest places.

It also inspires nightmares. I fell asleep despite things moving around me (bats and rats, I presume) and had a crazy dream – something like a dark, demented Ghostbusters. I do want to go back up there alone someday, maybe with a can of paint to lovingly paint those windowsills and doorways, and maybe with a new rocking chair to replace the creepy old broken one. This place isn’t exactly “wild,” but you still get the sense it just belongs there. Balance in all things. Namaste motherfuckers.