Lone Pine Fire

Today I heard sirens in Lone Pine for the first time. Usually a chill town, today it was on fire because, well, it was on fire. Apparently there was a fire just east of the Lone Pine Campground just off Whitney Portal Road. This photo shows they seem to have it under control at sunset, but all day it was still worrisome for locals with homes nearby. Smoke lingers. I’m concerned my friend Don, the campground caretaker, might have lost his livelihood. ?

And yet some bozo had the gaul to approach a firefighter talking with a worried homeowner and say, “But sir, we have Whitney permits, does that mean we can’t still hike?” Sorry buddy, but when our town is on fire your hike really don’t mean a thing. *** This fire is still burning as of Saturday morning *** It is officially fire season. Consider not lighting fireworks and not having camp fires. It *is* possible to enjoy yourself without them, especially knowing you’ll stay in Smokey bear’s graces and not risk devastating entire communities. ?