Zack’s Back

So it’s 2pm at Furnace Creek and ~110° and I’m standing there melting in the heat, my thumb out.

I’m trying to hitchhike 100 miles to Lone Pine. It’s not looking so good.

Then these fuckers pull over on bikes and offer me a ride. What? Really? I throw my backpack on the back, lean into it, and suck up the exhaust pipe burn – taking one for the team.

Yeah, my hitchhiking game just bumped up a notch, cuz 110mph on the back of a Harley driven by a total babe through the Valley… those open highways and those views are the best.

Thank you to handsome Brian (who happens to be reading Desert Solitaire lately) and his babe son Zack for taking pity on me in the heat so hot it felt like you’d “crawled up the Devil’s asshole” or however that went. Thank you for taking such good care of me, too. I’m glad we could swap adventures! I had so much fun with you. Many more for both of you! ??