Walking through Vegas

me swinging on zion cattle gate

Just walked about five miles through Las Vegas after hiking out of Zion this morning and a few wild hitches through Utah, Arizona and into Nevada. My first hitch was about as terrifying as they come, and I was glad it ended well. My last hitch broke down which is why I was walking. Realizing I wasn’t feeling right and almost puking on the highway shoulder (could have been the 3 milkshakes?), I dove into McDonalds for some ice water. A few minutes later a gorgeous older indigent black man I noticed and smiled at on the curb came in and gave me a sealed gallon of spring water. He said he knows a transient when he sees one and offered me a Pepsi a woman had just bought for him. Neither of us drink Pepsi. He’s headed for the Northwest where “it ain’t so damn hot.” Heartwarming.

I close the door on my wilderness walk and I start walking through the urban wilderness. As crazy as it is, people are good. Sometimes they just need reminding.

This is my self portrait riff on Drop n Roll‘s portraits of Pinup and Bubbles at the same gate almost two weeks ago. When I closed that gate I started to get used to the idea of being out of the woods. Now I’M IN THE JUNGLE!!